Which College Housing Is Right For You?

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As your first year of college approaches, you’ll need to start thinking about where you’ll live once you’ve left for school. Most freshmen will stay in some type of on-campus housing, such as a dorm or apartment, but there are other options, too. For example, many college towns will have houses or apartments available for rent. In some cases, it might be best to just commute from home. 

On-Campus Housing


Each dorm consists of a single room that can be shared with one or more other students. There is usually a single bathroom for the entire floor, or, in some cases, a bathroom will be shared by multiple dorm rooms.


Some college campuses allow students to rent furnished apartments. However, this option to rent an apartment is often only available to those who have completed their freshman year. On-campus apartments generally house a minimum of three students.

Off-Campus Housing


In towns where you can find more prominent colleges or universities, you are also likely to find an array of rentals available for students. Houses, apartments, and sometimes townhomes are often rented out by multiple students who prefer not to stay on campus.


The other option for off-campus housing is to simply commute from home. Commuting may or may not be a possibility for you. Still, it’s worth consideration if you live within driving distance to your school. This option also works great if you’re hoping to save a bit of money or just want to avoid sharing a living space with people you don’t know.

Going off to college is a fun and exciting experience. You’ll face new adventures and experiences regularly. Living away from home for the first time is just one of those adventures. When exploring your housing options, always consider proximity to campus, comfort living with roommates, and safety.

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