Tips on Building a Minimalist and Elegant Swimming Pool

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What’s on the mind buddy lending a swimming pool at home? Just imagine it would be fun! It’s been imagined can easily exercise by swimming every morning. Become a place to gather with family with a different one every weekend. It is also a place for me to relax and meditate.
The solution is to build a minimalist swimming pool. Minimalist swimming pool design is very fitting to be realized in a small house. The concept of a minimalist swimming pool can only be adjusted to the needs and needs. For making biya and also the treatment can be prepared with a buddy bag you know!

1. Keep Ensure the Size of a Minimalist Swimming Pool on a Limited Land

The swimming pool has its own standard size you know, friend. This is done to consider your friend’s moving comfort.
Another alternative is choosing land in your house is not enough, you can choose another minimalist swimming pool that has currents. In a swimming pool that has a flow of users will feel as if moving while flowing water that makes my friend feel like moving. If you want a reference about rocks for swimming pools visit Sukabumi Stone

2. Use a minimalist swimming pool irrigation system

In general, the irrigation system in swimming pools at home uses the overflow irrigation system and also the skimmer watering system. The release system requested by the water syuklasi tool is called a balancing tank. These tools require a large amount of land because in the process of the irrigation system.
For the use of a watering system in a minimalist swimming pool I use to use a skimmer system. This system does not need a counterweight tank to be used as an overflow system. By choosing this skimmer system, the air inside the minimalist swimming pool does not need to be changed anymore. The machine translation provided on the irrigation system will provide a minimalist pool plan by automatic means.

3. Use of Rough Textured Materials on the Surface of the Pool

In addition to decorating the side of the swimming pool to make it look more elegant, of course there are special functions that result from the use of this rough textured material that is able to avoid slippery surfaces that can endanger your friends such as accidents while on the side of the pool as well.
Rough materials that you can use actually vary, you just have to adjust your budget and desires. Not only by using a model of swimming pool ceramics with a variety of textures, but my friend can also use fine stones such as gravel or decorative stones that are cemented around the pool to have a natural-looking feel.

4. Determine the Minimalist Swimming Pool Depth and Match the Height of the Pool Wall with the Floor Surface.

The size of a swimming pool is influenced by who the swimming pool will be used for. If used for children, the size of a swimming pool is 0.5-1 meters. Meanwhile, if those who use the swimming pool are adults the size should make in a size of 1.4-2 meters. If the swimming pool is planned to be used by children and also adults, you can separate it by making a climb in the pool.
On the walls of the swimming pool at home you should adapt to the surface of the floor.
If you are interested in using green stone for your swimming pool, I can give you a solution to try Bali Green Sukabumi Stone Supplier

This is because the infinity pool model is not suitable to be applied to a minimalist swimming pool design.
The pool wall of the house should be lower than the surface of the floor or the ground around it for the aspect of land use. This will also reduce the risk of slipping when going out of the pool. Also be sure to install a small ladder that can be used to climb out of the pool.

5. Use Plants to Decorate

The beautiful minimalist swimming pool area will indeed feel even cooler and refreshing when placed plant decorations with lush leaves around it. The problem is, the lush plants will easily make the pool look dirty because of the leaves that fall from the plant, the leaves that fall will fall into the pool and this makes my friend have to be more routine in cleaning the pool.

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