Tips for Choosing Garage Door for Modern Homes

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The garage is one of the important elements of the house in various countries. Now the garage door is designed to blend in with the house. The garage that is attached to the house not only makes parking easier, but also an aesthetic element. The reason is, the facade of the garage makes the residence appear to have character and will be more attractive. Garages can also protect vehicles from exposure to heat or rain. The garage must be equipped with a door so that vehicles avoid unwanted risks.

Garage Door

1. Determine the Garage Area and Opening

To determine the area and opening of the garage, you must know the dimensions of the vehicle. If you have two cars, make sure the garage is twice as large. You have to provide a garage area beyond the minimum, the wider it will certainly add to the comfort of the space in the garage. Likewise, when you want to put a toolkit cabinet in the garage, give it a distance from where the car is parked. After getting the garage area, it’s time for volume for access in and out. Make sure the width and height of the opening exceed the size of the vehicle to be stored. Besides you can still open the car door when it stops in the middle of the garage door, with an adequate garage width and height, getting in and out of the vehicle will also be more comfortable.

2. Create a Door Design Concept

Creating a garage door design concept must be adjusted to the theme of your home. Make sure the model and color of the garage door appear in harmony with the concept of the house, for example, you can include wood color elements for a tropical themed house, or black/white for a contemporary style house. You don’t even have to bother now, some manufacturers already provide drawings or shop drawings according to the model you choose.

3. Choose a Garage Door Model

The architecture of the house often changes because it follows the times. In the past, the architecture of the house was still traditional and used makeshift materials. Now, with a touch of technology, residential designs are increasingly diverse. In fact, modern and classic designs are often combined to make it look more attractive. To maintain the beauty of the architecture of the house, all parts must have a matching model.

4. Determine the Right Material

After you find the right garage model according to the architecture of the house, now is the time to choose the door material. The color of wood material fades easily if maintenance is not carried out regularly. If you want a weather-resistant material with high aesthetic value, aluminum can be an option. Aluminum is also porous and termite resistant. In addition, the aluminum color does not fade easily even though the powder coating finish has taken a long time. Iron material is the best choice because it provides a solid security side. From an aesthetic point of view, iron has been able to provide artistic and dynamic models.

5. Select the Door Opening Type

The important thing in choosing a garage door is determining the type of opening. There are two types of openings that are commonly used, namely folding and bending. Folding openings are suitable for shop buildings or showrooms, so that the room can be utilized to the fullest. With a folding type of opening in the garage, you still have space to store toolkit cabinets. Unfortunately, this type of folding opening reduces the width of access in and out of the garage because of the pile of each panel. In addition, there are curved doors that are easier to apply. The garage also looks tidier and wider when it is open.

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