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50 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Easter Eggs and References

home refferencesMysterio framing Spider-Man for crimes he didn’t commit is certainly one of his oldest schemes dating again to Mysterio’s first look in Amazing Spider-Man No. thirteen. When reviews of Spider-Man robbing shops begin to seem, Peter begins to surprise if he’s growing a a number of character dysfunction that has him dressing up as Spider-Man and happening crime sprees. During the credit sequence an illustration of Peter Parker seems with half of his body as a pupil and half as all the assorted Spider-Man costumes he wears all through the film.

The Spider-Sense is prominently referenced on this movie, after making a short appearance in Infinity War and probably also explaining some of Peter’s acrobatics in Homecoming. But it’s been renamed the Peter Tingle for comedic impact, and he likens it to a sixth sense. This might be the closest we have seen to a comics-accurate spider-sense on movie, it … Read More