Inspiration for a Modern Closed Car Garage

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Many people make the last order for car garage designs. They sometimes prefer the design of the main room, living room or master bedroom. Making a car garage design makes sure it is safe by maximizing the available space. You can also make a concept that looks elegant and luxurious for the garage, because it can be the center of attention when guests visit. In order to get a concept and an overview, here is a closed garage design inspiration that can be your reference.

Car Garage

1. Closed minimalist design garage

The shape and concept are minimalist, you can use elements and additional glass for this closed garage.To keep the garage cool, you can make lots of ventilation. A variation of this model garage is to make a door that can be pulled from top to bottom, to make it look different.

2. The garage is one with another room

When the car is integrated with the lifestyle, this concept can be used as a garage model. For example by utilizing the remaining space adjacent to other rooms such as the kitchen or living room. The garage that blends in with other rooms will still be comfortable, especially if the car owner is good at caring for and maintaining cleanliness.

3. The garage is in line with the concept of the house

You can try using an approach that makes the garage part of the whole house. The inspiration for this modern car cover model looks to blend in perfectly with the exterior of the house through a similar style and the use of the same material, namely wood. A garage that can be accessed from the front or side can make the house less boring because of its unified design.

4. Garage with wooden door

This closed garage model utilizes a more flexible door mechanism. With a lift and close system, this closed car garage model focuses on the concept of a minimalist and modern wooden door that opens from the bottom up by bending the two parts of the door. Even though this closed car display model is simple, it still manages to fascinate everyone.

5. Closed garage with cool interior

There are many car garages like this in luxury homes, because many use garages like this. Using the side of the house that is still wide used as a place for various vehicles. Interestingly, with a luxurious interior wall and large ceramic tiles, it makes a cool closed car garage model.

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