Here’s The Inspiration And Design Tips For Minimalist Housing

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minimalist rooms  are now increasingly selected. Especially in modern times. Many people want the room in her house to have such a simple design and yet look good.

The minimalist style of living focuses more on function and suits you for the limited space space. It is no wonder, therefore, that minimalist space is rarely seen by many items.

Those of you who are interested in using the minimum style of the room at home, the tips below could be considered.

Inspiration and the design tips of minimalist homes that easily blend dark color and neutral color with the family room at home often gather all members. Everything from watching television to relaxing and conversing with family members can be done here.

To make it more comfortable and comfortable, you could design a family room that has become a minimalist. One of these is to use dark color as focal point. You could use gray on some things like a couch, couch cushions, carpets and floor lamps. For color the walls could use a neutral color like white. That way the living room will feel even more alive in dark.

Decoration of a large painting

Large paintings instead make the room look full? In fact, with a good arrangement and selection of the right paintings, large paintings can also be a good decoration touch for a minimalist room.
One example is like the dining room above. This large monochrome-themed painting is suitable for you who want to have a dining room with a monochrome feel. Do not forget to also install curtains with sheer models so that sunlight does not directly enter the dining room.

Metro colors application

For those of you who don’t like monochrome colors, the combination of metro colors can also be a great choice, especially for application in the kitchen. The use of metro colors can also make the kitchen feel more alive.
But keep in mind, metro colors, including strong colors. To neutralize it, you can mix metro colors in white like white walls.

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