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home refferencesJJJ is seen right here for the primary time within the MCU, publicly outing Peter Parker to the world with help from a doctored video taken by Mysterio. We can’t inform if The Bugle is a paper, a chat present, or another form of news outlet here in this universe, however whatever it is, it’s going to spell bother for Peter. While some sly references may have to wait for the home launch to be found, we’ve assembled every one we’ve discovered thus far below.

Just like Homecoming which opened up with a ‘film by Peter Parker’, Far From Home kicks things off properly with a poorly-made memorial video from the scholars at Peter’s college. Set to the tune of Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You, it memorialised Tony Stark, Captain America, Black Widow, and Vision – aka the major Avengers casualties from Infinity War and Endgame. In individual, Robert Downey Jr’s picture is seen in the tribute video and some of the murals (in addition to in a documentary that Peter watches on a plane), while a imaginative and prescient created by Mysterio shows a zombified Iron Man (with spiders crawling from his eyes) bursting from his grave to assault Spider-Man.

Another of Mysterio’s illusions entails MJ being thrown from a bridge. This may trigger some heartbreaking flashbacks for Spidey fans, as that is exactly how Gwen Stacey, Peter’s old flame, died within the comics. One of the illusions that Mysterio makes use of on Peter has a zombie-like Iron Man rising from the lifeless. This isn’t solely a devastating visible for a still-grieving Peter, but also serves as a nod to the Marvel comedian sequence, Marvel Zombies. The collection was written by The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman.

– Mysterio messes with Spider-Man by displaying him a vision of MJ being thrown off a bridge. Of course, Gwen Stacy’s dying is one of the most infamous moments in Spider-Man historical past (one somewhat botched in The Amazing Spider-Man 2) and the Green Goblin tried pulling the same trick on Mary Jane in the first Raimi Spider-Man. – The hallucination sequence, the place an enemy is utilizing Peter’s personal fears and neuroses against him, is simply peak Spider-Man stuff, and has been used more occasions in the comics than we will depend.

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But this origin was additionally loosely adapted in Sam Raimi’s 2002 film Spider-Man, besides the wrestler antagonist was renamed, you guessed it, Bonesaw (performed by Randy Savage, a.k.a. Macho Man). After the water Elemental attacks in Venice, Peter’s classmates reference an in-universe Buzzfeed conspiracy article, which refers to a sailor called “Morris Bench,” who was given hydro powers.

But that video is accompanied by some commentary from none aside from J Jonah Jameson, once again played by JK Simmons – proving Marvel knows perfect casting when it sees it. Jameson declares Spider-Man to be a menace and that Mysterio was the true hero all alongside. While not relevant to the movie or the story, the design of Peter’s ‘Night Monkey’ suit was primarily based on that of Spider-Man Noir – a version of Spider-Man set in depression-period New York.

He leads her by way of the jungle to a temple where there are a pile of Skrull our bodies that he’s burning, suggesting that they solely approach to hold them down is to burn them to nothing. Mockingbird sees by way of his disguise, capturing him within the arm and revealing that his blood is green and that he’s a Skrull.

If you look in the background of this scene, there’s also a poster for a wrestling match featuring Crusher Hogan. He’s the wrestler that Peter first tested out his superpowers on within the comics (renamed to Bone Saw McGraw in the first Spider-Man film). Of course, Tony Stark wasn’t the primary individual that Peter has misplaced in his life. Even though the MCU films have prevented recreating the death of Uncle Ben, there is a touching reference to it as Peter’s suitcase has the initials BFP. While it is not occurred within the films so far (aside from the subway scene in Spider-Man 2), Spider-Man’s identification has been revealed in the comics, most notably in Civil War where Peter chose to disclose he was Spider-Man.

EDITH stands for ‘Even Death I’m The Hero’ and provides Peter access to just about every little thing. Communications networks, Stark industries satellites, and just about every thing Tony had access to when he was alive. Naturally this is what Mysterio desires, since it’s going to let him unleash his illusions on a larger and more harmful scale. Despite the fact they’re proven to be inventions by Mysterio, it has been revealed that a number of the Elementals are based on lesser-identified Spider-Man villains from the comics. The ‘Earth’ elemental is similar to Sandman, Water is Hydro Man, and Fire is Molten man.

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