Creative Ways To Garden Even If You Don’t Have A Garden

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As a child who lives in a boarding or urban area, being able to raise plants in his garden may be just a dream. What power, with a green page, stuck in a patch, what can you do? Even though you also want to take care of plants to beautify the atmosphere, or just give a fresh impression when your mind is bored.

But now, gardening in a narrow or small land is no longer impossible. Even without a yard as large as ancient houses, you can still create freshness by planting flowers and plants. Well, curious how? Check out the tips:

1. Hanging lamps are more often used as lights, but you can also make them useful as planting places.

Gardening is always synonymous with vast land and full of land. But now, your dream to have a garden can be realized even though there is no vacant land to plant. The trick is to make hanging plants. If planting with a hanging pot is too mainstream, now you can create a sensation by planting it in another media, which is a chandelier. Well, after that you enter the soil and plant other types of plants such as ivy, white betel, and ivory betel. In addition to adding freshness to the boarding house, this plant can also be used as decoration.

2. Having no land is not a barrier to finding freshness, because now you can conjure up a study table into a dream garden.

Living in an urban or boarding house often makes you thirst for the freshness of plants because of the lack of greening land. But relax, because now you can create coolness with a mini garden that you can make yourself. One way is to use a desk that you never use again.

It’s easy to do. Just put the soil in your desk drawer until it is 3/4 full, then plant your seeds there. Maybe you can choose plants that can reduce pollution such as Chinese evergreen plants or golden photos. Or you can also choose your favorite garden. Then, put the table in an open space. Well, interesting and easy to apply, right?

3. Creating a beautiful garden in a minimal place is now possible, by applying this hat garden

Beautiful gardens are everyone’s dream. Relax, you don’t need to be sad because of the lack of land, because now you can create a beautiful mini garden in a narrow area. You can try to use various types of hats that are not used. How to plant it is easy, first you use a plastic pot or a can that has been given a little hole, then use nails or wire to attach it to the wall. After that, plant the seeds and cover with a hat as a garnish. Well, a garden like this will surely fascinate your boarding friend every day.

4. Not only have to use clay pots to plant, but you can also use childhood toys as a substitute.

If sometimes planting using clay pots can make your room dirty, now you can use the toy stroller as a child as a replacement. You just simply add planting media such as soil into it, then plant some types of plants that have dense leaves and many like the Boston fern or petunia plants with beautiful flowers. So, without needing a lot of money you can create a mini-park with your own hands. Also, this method makes it easy for you to move around.

5. If planting horizontally is not possible, you can outsmart it using a bag to plant vertically.

Maybe all this time we have been fixated with the thought that gardening can only be done on a large horizontal area. Even though you can also garden vertically. You only need to change the way of the multilevel pattern. One of them using a place like a motorcycle bag. You can sew it yourself or use a bag of “luggage” that is usually placed in the seat of a motorcycle or bicycle. Well, you can nail this bag on a multi-story wooden wall, then you use it to plant. In this way, your boarding house is guaranteed to be more beautiful and cooler.

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