Choosing Natural Stone for the Right Swimming Pool


There are so many finishing materials that need to be considered in making a swimming pool. An example is finishing for floors and walls. Most swimming pools use ceramics as finishing. This material was chosen because the price is quite cheap, has a strong structure, waterproof, easy to maintain, and even a large selection of models. So that the results are satisfying, you can use special ceramics for swimming pools.

Not all ceramics on the market are suitable for use as pool wall and floor coatings. Ceramics for swimming pools must meet certain requirements in order to function properly when installed. You must choose the appropriate ceramic. Mistakes in choosing ceramics will cause the material to be difficult to maintain or easily damaged. It might not even be your swimming pool to be dangerous if you choose the wrong ceramics.

You need to consider whether you want to buy ground floor materials for swimming pools.
The price of ceramics for swimming pools is quite large. You not only need to buy ceramics for swimming pool floors, but also wall tiles. Usually special ceramics for swimming pools are valued more expensive than ordinary ceramics. You need to calculate carefully how much budget to spend. After knowing the right price range, you can choose ceramics more precisely.

Prioritize the Safety of Ceramic Tiles

Safety factor is a top priority in making swimming pools. green sukabumi stone is a supplier of natural stone with guaranteed quality and quality. There is no risk if someone swims in it. Including the risk that you will slip or be scratched by slippery and sharp natural stones. Because the mini-style stone material is made with special materials and methods so that it can withstand water pressure properly, there are often cases of ceramics that suddenly break due to pressure from water.

Watch Ceramic Visualization

After the ceramic product you choose can be ascertained safe, then you need to sort out its beauty. Besides being safe for swimming, a swimming pool must also be beautiful to make it look attractive. The more beautiful the visualization of the pool, then we will be excited to swim in it. So it is very important to choose ceramics that have a design and are also beautiful. You can adjust the ceramic design with the initial concept of the pool you want to make.

Attractive Color Combinations

In fact, the most used ceramic colors for swimming pools are blue and white. The blue color was chosen to create a swimming pool atmosphere that is similar to sea water in the ocean. The swimming pool will look clear, cool, and spacious when using blue tiles on the floor and walls. While the choice of white is based on its ability to make a broad and free impression. You can play blue and white along with its derivative colors to create a more interesting and not boring impression. Indonesia natural stone supplier offer many choices or models and designs to suit the needs or desires of consumers, because Sukabumi stone is formed with unique materials in it, you can directly visit its website to find out the material inside

Make sure ceramics are easy to maintain

You also need to make sure that the ceramic chosen for the pool is easy to care for. This is very important to do so that makes it easier for you to care for the swimming pool later. Do not let the wrong choice of ceramics. Some ceramic products can hold dirt, where dirt particles stick to the pores. Ceramics like this should not be chosen because it will only bother you.

Choose Ceramics that are Easy to Install

Ceramics for swimming pools are available in various models, shapes and sizes. Keep in mind, this ceramic specifications will affect the installation process. Ceramics that have unusual shapes do look unique. But on the other hand, ceramics are quite difficult to install. This means you need to add more budget because the installation costs longer. As much as possible, choose tiles that are attractive and easy to install.

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