Choice of Floor Types and Home Ceramics and Treatment Methods


When building a house, choosing the type of floor must be adjusted to the interior design and family comfort. There are several types of flooring to choose from for the home. Let’s look at the types of ceramics for the floor of the house and how to care for the following. Generally, the quality of the type of ceramic or floor sought is safe, strong, durable, moisture-resistant, and easy to care for. But now not a few are willing to choose the type of floor with more care for the sake of an aesthetic home appearance. Here are the options.

1. Marble

Marble is a natural stone formed hundreds of years. Due to its limitations in nature and quality, the price of marble is quite expensive. Having many colors and patterns that can give the impression of luxury and is cool, marble floors are also very strong to withstand heavy loads. How to care for marble floors is not difficult. You can use floor cleaner to mop every day, as well as a special marble cleaning fluid periodically.

2. Granite

Like marble, granite is a natural stone but with a darker color. The price of granite itself can be equal to or more expensive than marble. The advantages of granite floors are that they are easy to maintain, resistant to stains, and give the impression of luxury. On the downside, granite floors are very susceptible to scratches, so avoid placing sharp and rough furniture. How to care for granite floors can use a special liquid or a gentle floor cleaner, such as a special baby mop. It is not recommended to use ordinary cleaning fluids on this type of granite floor because it is corrosive. check bali sandstone floors

3. Tiles/Ceramics

Ceramic is the most widely used type of flooring in Indonesia. This type of ceramic floor is made from a mixture of clay and silica which is baked at a high temperature, so it can last longer because it does not absorb water. Now ceramics have been mixed with other materials such as wood, bamboo, and marble so that they have many beautiful patterns. The maintenance of this type of tile floor is very easy, you only need to sweep or vacuum every day and visit bali sandstone tiles. Then mop using a mixture of water and floor cleaner to add fragrance and clean bacteria.

4. Vinyl

Vinyl flooring is suitable for those who want luxurious decor at an affordable cost. As wall stickers, vinyl is easy to apply and remove, because at the bottom there is the glue that can be glued to a layer of plaster or tile floors. Vinyl is strong, fire and water-resistant, but prone to scratches. Similar to ceramic floors, vinyl flooring types need to be cleaned regularly. After that, mop with a mixture of water and floor cleaner.

5. Wood

The choice of wood flooring has recently become a favorite because of its aesthetic appearance, giving a natural and warm impression. Although relatively expensive, unfortunately, worn wood floors can cause noise, creaking, and squeaking. Wood flooring itself is available in strip, papa, and parquet patterns. How to care for wooden floors requires extra attention. Avoid moving the furniture so that the floor is not scratched. Hardwood floors should be cleaned regularly with slightly hot water mixed with a gentle floor cleaner, such as a baby mop. If it is stained, the wooden floor must be cleaned immediately.

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