4 Modern Ways to Get Rid of Cobwebs in Your Home

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Everyone wants their home to be clean at all times. Unfortunately, even though we try to clean the house every day, the dirt is always there. This dirt accumulates little by little until it becomes a lot. Not only that, some insects also like to pollute the house. Spiders for example. Spiders Cobwebs often make their nests in the upper corners of the room, giving the impression of an unkempt room.



You certainly shouldn’t let spiders build their nests in your home. Therefore, you should clean it as often as possible. Use a ceiling broom to make it easier for you to remove the cobwebs. Because it has a long handle, you can reach high ceilings using this broom. It’s very easy. More or less the same as you are sweeping the floor of the room.

But the use of a ceiling broom to clean cobwebs is less efficient. Why? As soon as you use the broom, all the cobwebs in the house are gone. The interior becomes clean without any nests. As far as the eye could see the room was free from cobwebs. But soon the spider that was hiding will climb to the ceiling and make its nest again.


There is a powerful way to get rid of cobwebs, which is to get rid of the spider itself. We must make sure the house is free from spiders because these insects are the culprits of the existence of nests in various corners of the room. Fortunately we live in modern times. Now there are many modern equipment and drugs that can be used to control the spider population in the house.

Throwing Spiders into the Garden

For those of you who claim to be true animal lovers, you certainly won’t have the heart to destroy all the spiders that live in the house. Your conscience has no power to kill the spider. So the solution that can be taken is that you have to catch the spider by hand, put it in a plastic bag, then transfer it to the garden. Don’t worry, the spiders that are usually in the house are not poisonous.

Soaking Spiders in Soapy Water

You don’t have to buy expensive drugs to get rid of spiders. Because soapy water or detergent water alone is more than enough to poison the spider and cause death. Your first task is to prepare soapy water that can be accommodated in a large basin. Use gloves and a long-sleeved shirt. Catch the spider, then quickly put it in a basin of soapy water.

Spraying Spiders with Magic Chalk

Catching spiders is actually very easy. However, some people admit that they are afraid of catching these eight-legged animals, especially housewives. Don’t worry because we have the perfect solution for those of you who are afraid of catching spiders by hand. You can pound magic chalk into powder. After that, mix it with enough water. Pour into a spray bottle. Spray this magic lime liquid right into the spider’s body. Sooner or later he will surely die.

Using Spider Repellents

If you have a large enough budget, you can buy special drugs to get rid of spiders. This kind of medicine is widely sold in online stores . Generally this drug is in the form of a powder that must be mixed with water before use. But there is also a spider exterminator in the form of a spray. Please you can choose the spider repellent product that best suits your needs.

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