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“And I swear that I don’t have a gun” is an oblique reference to suicide. It is well known that Cobain was identified with bipolar dysfunction . It is very common for psychiatrists to evaluate suicidality in all of their sufferers. One of the ways the psychiatrists do that is by asking their patients if they have access to a gun, since it is generally used for suicide.

I have no idea who murdered Kurt Cobain however a minimum of in his time on earth he gave us nice songs like this. This song is fairly primary by way of what it’s about. You see many times individuals ejaculate in another way and many individuals worry that they aren’t ejaculating accurately. Cobain counters this by saying it’s okay to cum as you might be, (it’s supposed to be a pun) however this actually is an anthem for individuals who usually are not afraid to ejaculate abnormally. “Come as you are” what on Written on a plaque mounted on the abandoned hotel Kurt used to hold at. He mentioned it himself and the plaque has been photographed numerous instances.

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Naturally that line about not having a gun would not literally have anything to do with his suicide. The fact remains that it is undeniably ironic that he dedicated suicide with a gun, when that track’s chorus states that he “don’t have a gun” over and over. Undoubtably this song is the most contaversial of Nirvana’s incredable collection if … Read More