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Characteristics of Minimalist Home Concepts


Minimalist house departs from a simple, easy and efficient spatial plan in order to get a larger volume of space. Characteristics of minimalist house plans include having a simple form with an open floor plan, minimal interior walls, simple storage areas to the emphasis on views and sunlight.


Having an open floor plan allows homes with this concept to have natural lighting that easily reaches every corner of the room. Thus, the atmosphere in the room becomes more alive making it feel warm and comfortable. This factor is also one of the determinants of home prices with a minimalist concept.

Multifunctional Decoration

Because minimalist home interiors tend to emphasize things that are only needed by the occupants, the decor also emphasizes the use of all-in-one furniture. These types of furniture include folding beds, sofas with tables and cabinets with cabinets.

Minimalist Floor

The floor used in a minimalist concept house tends to be simple with the choice of materials such as concrete and wood. Steel and industrial glass is also considered a minimalist construction material that has a simpler feel. To add accent and warmth in space, the use of carpets on the floor is a favorite way for modern minimalist home decorators.

Calm Color

The characteristics of a minimalist home can also be seen from the color combination used. To color the house, usually used colors that tend to be calm like white, gray or beige. The dijon mustard and blue colors can also give a contemporary … Read More

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Creative Ways To Garden Even If You Don’t Have A Garden

As a child who lives in a boarding or urban area, being able to raise plants in his garden may be just a dream. What power, with a green page, stuck in a patch, what can you do? Even though you also want to take care of plants to beautify the atmosphere, or just give a fresh impression when your mind is bored.

But now, gardening in a narrow or small land is no longer impossible. Even without a yard as large as ancient houses, you can still create freshness by planting flowers and plants. Well, curious how? Check out the tips:

1. Hanging lamps are more often used as lights, but you can also make them useful as planting places.

Gardening is always synonymous with vast land and full of land. But now, your dream to have a garden can be realized even though there is no vacant land to plant. The trick is to make hanging plants. If planting with a hanging pot is too mainstream, now you can create a sensation by planting it in another media, which is a chandelier. Well, after that you enter the soil and plant other types of plants such as ivy, white betel, and ivory betel. In addition to adding freshness to the boarding house, this plant can also be used as decoration.

2. Having no land is not a barrier to finding freshness, because now you can conjure up a study table into a dream garden.

Living in an urban … Read More

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Here’s The Inspiration And Design Tips For Minimalist Housing

minimalist rooms  are now increasingly selected. Especially in modern times. Many people want the room in her house to have such a simple design and yet look good.

The minimalist style of living focuses more on function and suits you for the limited space space. It is no wonder, therefore, that minimalist space is rarely seen by many items.

Those of you who are interested in using the minimum style of the room at home, the tips below could be considered.

Inspiration and the design tips of minimalist homes that easily blend dark color and neutral color with the family room at home often gather all members. Everything from watching television to relaxing and conversing with family members can be done here.

To make it more comfortable and comfortable, you could design a family room that has become a minimalist. One of these is to use dark color as focal point. You could use gray on some things like a couch, couch cushions, carpets and floor lamps. For color the walls could use a neutral color like white. That way the living room will feel even more alive in dark.

Decoration of a large painting

Large paintings instead make the room look full? In fact, with a good arrangement and selection of the right paintings, large paintings can also be a good decoration touch for a minimalist room.
One example is like the dining room above. This large monochrome-themed painting is suitable for you who want to have a dining … Read More

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Bay And Bow Home Windows Combine Fixed And Operable Windows To Create A Curve That Extends Out From A House’s Exterior

Single-hung windows slide up from the underside, whereas the highest sash stays … Read More

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Best Art Design of Leveling Up Home Improvements

In the ever-evolving tapestry of domesticity, the phrase level up home improvement emerges as a clarion call to transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. Home improvements, far more than a mere aesthetic overhaul, encapsulate the fusion of innovation, craftsmanship, and the pursuit of elevated living spaces. Join us on a journey through the realms of uncommon terminology and transformative endeavors that redefine the notion of home enhancement.

Leveling Up Home Improvements

The Foundation: Understanding the Essence of Home Improvements

At its core, home improvement transcends the confines of mere renovations; it’s a conscious effort to refine and augment the living experience. The canvas extends beyond cosmetic changes, delving into the realms of structural enhancements, technological integrations, and sustainable innovations.

Innovative Infusions: Uncommon Terminology in Home Enhancement

Embark on a lexiconic journey within the world of home improvements, where phrases like “xeriscaping” and “passive design” take center stage. Xeriscaping, an eco-conscious landscaping approach, involves water-efficient practices, ensuring a lush aesthetic without compromising sustainability. Passive design, on the other hand, is the strategic orchestration of architectural elements to optimize energy efficiency, a silent revolution in the art of home improvement.

Architectural Alchemy: Leveling Up Structural Enhancements

The architectural evolution of home improvements isn’t merely about erecting walls; it’s about sculpting spaces that breathe and resonate with functionality. Unveil the transformative power of “cantilevered architecture,” a structural marvel where overhanging elements defy gravitational norms, providing not just visual intrigue but spatial ingenuity. Beyond the ordinary facade lies the “living roof,” an ecological innovation that transforms the … Read More

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Can A Home-owner Legally Refuse To Promote A Home To A Potential Buyer?

Unlike real property brokers, who should be licensed to characterize consumers and sellers, investors don’t want any credentials to purchase property. This lack of licensing or any type of skilled affiliation leaves sellers susceptible to “we purchase homes” scams. Always do your due diligence when you’re considering an investor provide. If that’s your case, Facebook Marketplace is another native promoting choice to find patrons in your local community. It’s additionally completely free to promote on Facebook which means you received’t pay any itemizing fees or gross sales commissions.


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With limited stock currently available, home sellers are in an excellent position to negotiate. In 2021 house sellers received a hundred.eight% of listing worth, on common, in final sale price, up 2.9% over one year ago. To price CBD products, whole all of the costs … Read More