Ways To Damage Your Marble Floors and Solutions


Marble floors offer a beautiful addition to your home. This surface provides durability and elegance, and it makes an intelligent choice for the entryway, living room and other critical spots in your residence. Unfortunately, marble can suffer damage from use and improper cleaning due to its porosity. If you have used marble flooring in your dwelling, learning what can mar a marble floor and the best ways to maintain one makes sense.

Ways To Damage Marble Surfaces

Daily use can cause marble floors to fall into disrepair. For example, rough shoe soles or high heels can make tiny scratches and gouge marks in the marble. Furthermore, animal nails can scratch the surface.

Staining marks another significant way that tiles made of marble can suffer harm. Food items, like oils or red wine, can stain the marble. Other liquids, such as pet urine, likewise take their toll on your marble flooring.

Moving heavy furniture about can wreak havoc with your marble. For instance, if you accidentally drop a heavy piece of furniture, cracks can develop. Scratching, staining and cracking will all reduce the long life and appearance of your costly marble floors.

Solutions For Damaged Marble Surfaces

Homeowners can take several steps to reduce the damage done to their marble floors. However, if you have significant cracks and scratches already, or if the surface has become dull with grime, it can pay to have a marble refinishing Manhattan NY service come to your residence to make necessary repairs. They have the equipment and expertise to restore the appearance and condition of the marble floor, so then you can focus on proper maintenance.

For example, it is good to place small carpets and doormats in high-use areas. These prevent dirt that collects on shoes from entering the home and the scratches created when grime gets ground into the surface. When moving heavy furniture, using floor protection will also prevent scratches and cracks.

Routine cleaning for marble living areas can be as simple and effective as running a clean dust mop over the surface daily. The mop picks up the grime before it has a chance to get embedded in the marble floor. Wipe up spills immediately, so they do not have an opportunity to stain. Specifically, use gentle cleaning products rather than harsh chemicals to clean the floor. Be sure to dry the surface thoroughly with a clean cloth to prevent discoloration and streaking on the surface of the marble.

With a bit of daily care and assistance from professional service providers when needed, your marble floors will retain their beauty for decades.

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