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It’s an excellent music with lots of meanings.I think it’s about friendship,when two finest friends see one another after a protracted time period. to me this track is a sarcastic attack on hippies and religous people, in addition to not being certain of who you’re. sung in character like “in bloom” when you maintain the lyrics as much as “polly”, a few rapist, or “lithium” about not figuring out yourself and being emotionally unstable or most clearly, “keep away” you can see. also, in the video his hair is purple and his picture is blurred and warped.

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Kurt usually felt betrayed by or unwelcome amongst friends and that inspired this song. Hey, Kuzma you can’t say that about cobain cause youre an idiot.And as an idiot you should not be allowed to have an opinion.

maybe Courtney did kill him, or possibly he comitted suicide, who is aware of only God and Kurt know what happened that April 5, 1994. “And I Swear that I dont have a gun” is not a reference to his suicide because it was written long earlier than he killed himself. And he really did not have a gun at that time. Yesterday, listening to the music, it just occurred to me that possibly the topic of the track is Death. which may be a friend or an enemy relying on how you are feeling.

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he writes/sings about life, the hardships he has been through, in fact some songs are about medicine however not all of them. Kurt offers you mutiple meanings to anaylze and decipher the track.

And to all you who suppose Love was the one who shot Cobain, there can be overwhelming evidence towards her and its unimaginable to replicate the way in which a body and gun falls after suicide. in case you are analyzing cobain’s music, please dont simply say that every considered one of his songs are about drugs and sex and negative issues.

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