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Kurt typically felt betrayed by or unwelcome among friends and that impressed this song. Hey, Kuzma you can’t say that about cobain trigger youre an idiot.And as an fool you should not be allowed to have an opinion.

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Ok this track is about being yourself and never changing because others need you to. Anyone who thinks this song has anything to do with Kurt’s “suicide” is stupid and should not be listening to Nirvana. Anyways you must know by now that Ms. Love was concerned in his MURDER.

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“and I swear I don’t have a gun refers to the fact that we promised to save him and to not hurt him. I love you, Dom. I hope you’re OK. I LOVE how Cobain wrote his songs so hard to interpret and sang his lyrics so foggy. There’s a lot speculation round so many songs. It’s great to interpret them the way you hear them and hear others ideas about them. This song is about being welcomed, regardless of who you’re or what you are like, and the way it’s not a trap.

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